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Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important festival in China. It marks the beginning of the lunar calendar year and is a time for family reunions and celebrations. Before Spring Festival, it is a tradition for people to thoroughly clean their houses, a practice known as \"sweeping away the old year.\" This signifies the removal of bad luck and the welcoming of good fortune for the coming year. In addition to cleaning, people also decorate their homes with red lanterns, paper-cuttings, and couplets with auspicious words to create a festive atmosphere. During the Spring Festival, families gather together to have a big reunion dinner and exchange gifts and red envelopes containing money, symbolizing good luck and blessings for the recipients.

Translation of a Chinese saying: \"When a woman gets married, she should accumulate wealth in secret.\"

In ancient China, there was a saying that when a woman gets married, she should accumulate wealth in secret. This saying reflects the societal expectation for women to be financially prepared and independent when they enter their husband\'s family. The idea behind this saying is that women should not solely rely on their husbands for financial support, but rather have their own savings as a form of insurance in case they are mistreated or abandoned by their in-laws. This saying highlights the importance of financial empowerment for women and encourages them to be self-reliant and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Translation of a Chinese story: \"Two brothers go to visit their grandma.\"

Once upon a time, there were two brothers who decided to pay a visit to their grandma. They traveled a long distance and finally arrived at their grandma\'s house. However, they found themselves feeling extremely hungry. This situation is relatable to many people who have experienced hunger after a long journey. It reminds us of the importance of being well-prepared and having snacks or food available during travel to avoid hunger pangs. It also emphasizes the significance of taking care of one\'s basic needs, such as providing food for oneself, especially when engaged in activities that require physical energy.

What\'s the matter with him? - ZOL Q&A

When someone asks \"What\'s the matter with him?\", it implies that there is a problem or issue concerning the person in question. In the context of family relationships, it could refer to conflicts or disagreements between a person and their in-laws or extended family. The phrase \"Your husband\'s family has behaved monstrously\" suggests that the husband\'s family has treated the person in an unfair or unkind manner. This highlights the importance of maintaining healthy and respectful relationships within the family, as well as the consequences that arise when conflicts or mistreatment occur. It serves as a reminder for individuals to strive for harmonious family dynamics and fair treatment.

The most absurd thing you have seen or experienced

When it comes to absurd situations, I instantly recall a story about two brothers from my village. The younger brother played a prank on his older brother, which resulted in quite a comical situation. The older brother had already gotten married and went to work in a distant place. Meanwhile, the younger brother stayed in the village, tending to the family\'s farm and taking care of the elderly parents. However, one day, the younger brother decided to imitate his older brother and dressed up as him. He fooled everyone in the village, pretending to be the older brother. This incident not only entertained the villagers but also showcased the mischievous side of the younger brother. It serves as a reminder that unexpected and amusing events can occur in our lives, bringing joy and laughter to those involved.

Share a secret that you only dare to say anonymously

There was a time when I mustered up the courage to invite a girl to watch a movie with me, and to my surprise, she agreed. I had recently acquired a prestigious movie membership card, which allowed me access to exclusive screenings. For a couple of months, we went on dinner dates and watched movies together. Every night, I would accompany her home, as her house was conveniently located in our town. This secret relationship blossomed during those movie nights, and it was a period filled with romantic moments and stolen glances. Such anonymous secrets remind us of the thrill and excitement of young love, and the joy of shared experiences that can only be treasured as precious memories.

The dangers of being self-righteous

Yang Xiaoying found the statement quite amusing and couldn\'t help but laugh, commenting, \"This is simply a joke! How can an ex-wife and a current spouse live under the same roof?\" This remark immediately infuriated Jiang Yuhua, who stood up, pointed a finger at Yang Xiaoying, and slammed the table forcefully, shouting... The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of being overly self-righteous and judgmental. It reminds us that our opinions and perspectives should be based on empathy, understanding, and respectful dialogue rather than arrogance or a superiority complex. It highlights the importance of humility and open-mindedness in our interactions with others in order to maintain healthy relationships and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

How to celebrate Chinese New Year - English essay of 100 words

During Chinese New Year, there are various traditions and customs that people follow to celebrate this festive occasion. One legend associated with Chinese New Year is the story of the Nian beast, who had a big mouth that would swallow people whole. To ward off this beast, people used firecrackers and loud noises to scare it away. This is why fireworks and firecrackers have become an essential part of Chinese New Year celebrations. Another tradition is the exchange of red envelopes filled with money, which signifies good luck and blessings for the recipients. Additionally, families gather together to have a reunion dinner, where they enjoy traditional Chinese dishes and special New Year delicacies. These customs and practices make Chinese New Year a vibrant and joyous festival.

Translation of a story about Zhang Jihong meeting his new wife

In the year of Xiantong, there was a brave and strong man named Zhang Jihong in the capital city\'s defense army. As he passed by Shengye Gate, he encountered a muddy trench, which was blocking his way. There were villagers trying to cross the trench with their donkeys carrying firewood. This obstacle not only disrupted their journey but also inconvenienced others who needed to pass through the gate. Zhang Jihong, being a courageous and helpful person, immediately offered his assistance. He lifted the donkeys one by one and helped the villagers cross the trench. This story highlights Zhang Jihong\'s selflessness and willingness to lend a helping hand to others, exemplifying the importance of kindness and compassion in society.

The most outrageous parents you have ever encountered

One such parent who displayed outrageous behavior was Lin Ying. After marrying off her eldest daughter, she quickly exhausted the dowry she received and devised another scheme to exploit their daughter for money. This time, she targeted her youngest daughter, Yan Jiao. However, Yan Jiao was in a romantic relationship and firmly rejected her mother\'s manipulative intentions, given her deep resentment towards her sister\'s fate. Yan Jiao\'s refusal showcased her strength and determination to resist her mother\'s selfishness. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of parental support and love, as well as the negative consequences that can arise when parents prioritize personal gain over the well-being and happiness of their children.